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The Ultimate Guide to Adult SEO – Adult Site Ranking

Are you wondering how to attract new visitors to your adult site? You are not alone. Anybody who owns a website always faces this challenge. But there is no doubt that traffic from organic search is the best sustainable way to gain web popularity. So, to drive organic search traffic to your adult site, you need to master adult SEO tricks.

SEO works the same away across all websites. However, there are specific tricks tailor-made for SEO for adult wedbsites. So, let’s look into how this works in the adult niche and the various trends, tips, and tweaks you can use to increase organic traffic. Here is your ultimate guide to SEO for Adult and Escort websites.

Understanding Search Engine Optimisation

Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, or Yandex prioritise their search results in terms of accuracy, trust, and relevance. Thus, the most relevant answers to searches are on the first page. That’s why page one is the ultimate goal of every site owner.

Your site must meet the search engine’s algorithm, and score highly on the search question to feature on the first page of the search results. Therefore, you need to identify the elements that engines look at when ranking sites during a search. Afterward, optimise your content using a combination of strategies.

Factor Search Engine Consider when Ranking Adult Content

The bulk of the marks come from internal optimization. It contributes up to 35% of your website’s score, with the remaining attributed to off-site factors.

So, what are these factors that search engines based on their internal optimization score? Well, they include:

Web content relevance

Search engines only display pages that are relevant to the searched term. To determine the page’s relevance, the engine checks at the page title, page description, and content to find if the searched keyword is part of the theme of the page. Also, the images or videos used in the content need to be related to the keyword. Thus, given the content adult websites serve, even the audio-visuals need to have keyword tags in the title.

Inbound links

Inbound links help the search engines tell how important a website reflects a specific keyword. Most adult site owners, however, don’t get this right. Adult sites resort to blackhat techniques, which may work in the short-term, but later, algorithms beat them.

The type and quality of your website’s inbound links determine how much authority your site commands. So, in most cases, a newer website will have less power over their older counterparts. But with time, owing to constant optimization over the years, the site should enjoy some influence.

When it comes to link building, choose quality over quantity. The fact that adult sites don’t conform to societal norms doesn’t exclude them from ethical SEO practice. If you need success with SEO for Adult and Escort websites, draw links from reputable sites like Forbes, Inc., Techcrunch, and many others. Generally, inbound links from renowned sites are most sought after.

Like quality, the relevance of these links do play a critical role. If your site provides escort services, links from the other platforms should target escort services, nothing else. They do this by using the right anchor text, which is seamlessly integrated into the content.

Quality Content

Linking won’t work for your adult site without quality, relevant content. Today search engines have integrated ML and AI technologies and know exactly what users want. Besides, it’s the content that the users are looking for, so if you don’t have good content, who would want to visit your site?

Whether it is adult website content marketing or just an escort service SEO, your content must be easy to read. We recommend short sentences and a word count of over 500. Also, add interactive elements like video and images.

Your content should link both internally and externally. Thus, you need to create content regularly to keep your site fresh and insightful.

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Technical Adult SEO

Other than the content, a few technical metrics play a critical role in any SEO campaign. They include:

1 Sitemap

As the name suggests, a sitemap has everything to do with navigation. It is the index of pages on your site. You need to submit this to Google. That way, Google would immediately know you publish new content, and this counts in the subsequent search. Also, you get insights on traffic to your pages, which can help you improve your performance.

2. Tags and metatags

Choosing taglines that relate to sex keywords can help you optimize your content. The particular word you want to rank should form part of your tags as well as form parts of your alt tags. Remember, Google also uses images for searchers. Spread your net wider to capture every other search relating to the keyword.

Another simple hack, but which most people ignore, is using the keyword in bold or a different font as the other texts.

3. Speed

Make sure your site speed is on par with the rest. Search engines crawl sites in microseconds. So, if your website is not loading fast enough, it is excluded from the search result. Make it load faster also to maintain those who visit your site.

Several things affect speed, including huge traffic. Because adult sites receive audiences across the blog, your website might experience a jam. You can always sort this mess by having a data centre in critical locations.

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Final thoughts

There are so many tweaks and tricks to drive organic traffic to your adult site. Most of the tactics are the standard SEO, like submitting a sitemap creating impeccable content, and following the laid down procedures by search engines like Google. While Blackhat SEO tricks still exist, they are no longer useful in the long haul. So, forget about spinning content that doesn’t make sense. Go a long way, but enjoy the fruits of your hard work for a long time.


How is your approach towards adult SEO?

Approach to adult SEO is not different from the typical search engine optimization. However, since adult sites involve a lot of interactive content, you want to make sure you optimize the videos and the images for the keyword as well. Also, make sure you don’t make the site too private that it prevents crawling by search engines.

What is the best tactic for doing Adult SEO?

The best tactic for adult SEO is to optimise every page the same way you would other websites. Link to reputable sites and draw from them as well. Getting traffic from high ranking sites boosts your website’s SEO ranking.

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