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Diet & Weight Loss SEO Tips and Advice for Businesses

SEO for weight loss & diet was one of the niches affected by Google’s most recent Medic update. It is now far more difficult to generate organic traffic, unless your content is spot on, i.e., it meets Google’s expertise, authority, and trust (EAT) requirements.

The requirements are not a surprise at all. Diet & weight loss SEO is the most competitive niche in health and wellness. It has all sorts of companies selling all types of solutions, including diet supplements, diet plans, weight loss pills, and techniques on how to lose weight fast. But these websites fall in the YMYL (Your Money, Your Life) category. So, higher Page Quality (PQ) standards take precedence of any other ranking parameter.

Besides, more and more people, regardless of their age or gender, are getting more concerned about their weight, fitness, and health. They mind what they eat, how they look. So, oftentimes they are on the lookout for quality solutions to achieve those results and heavily rely on the search engines to point them in the right direction.

With the crowded niche, websites are stopping at nothing to get the audience. Some use blackhat techniques to get results. But with Google’s trio buzzwords, the ground is now levelled for fair play. Only websites that provide quality, value and are trustworthy can beat the Diet & Weight Loss SEO algorithm in the long haul. No matter how small your blog, podcast, or blog is, as long as you stay on Google’s right side, the first page of the most searched weight loss keywords is yours to lose.

Outrank Rivals in SEO for Weight Loss and Diet

Whether you are running a fitness or weight loss website or selling diet products, you have three ways to outrank your rivals. These ways include:

  • Use paid ads
  • Invest your time in learning to do SEO for your website
  • Or simply use our SEO Weight Loss & Diet experts

For DIY people, SEO is a lucrative game, but you need a set of skills, and you could quickly turn your website into a money minting machine.

For your business to meet the EAT requirements, you need to do the following:

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Use keyword to narrow your market

Everyone out there wants their website to rank high in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Now, how you tap that unlimited supply of free traffic is what makes your SEO for weight loss strategies effective.

First, you can’t target everyone with your marketing tricks. You need to appeal to a specific segment of the diet and weight loss sector. For example, you can go with Weight Loss for Working Moms, Losing Weight at over 40, Diets for the over 40s, or Exercises for Pregnant Women.

To come up with specific content for your diet & weight loss site, you’ll need to look at popular weight loss keywords in your area and align your content towards them. You can get great suggestions by researching the most asked questions in your niche. There are tools like the Keywords Everywhere and Google Keyword Planner (GLP) that can help you in this research. Other tools include KWFinder, SEMRush, and Surfer SEO.

SEO for Weight Loss - Market Your Content

You have a specialist topic and keywords; now, all you need to do is create content around them. These content include web pages, articles, and blog posts. You could write posts to well-known sites like Forbes, Inc., Techcrunch, or news websites and link back to your site.

Search engines highly regard inbound links from top-rated sites. Unless you are a monopoly, you need these backlinks. But it is a combination of factors, backlinks being only one of them. Your content should provide value to your audience, which means they should be expertly written.

Investing in impeccable content is worth every minute or coin you spend on it. Readers or viewers you get will be visiting your website unsolicited for many years to come, as long as you have the content. However, you have to make changes now and then over time, per your potential customers’ needs.

Uniqueness is the key in SEO for Weight Loss

In business, if you want to stand out, you must differentiate your products. That’s not any different for eCommerce. If you are targeting a specific niche, you also need to be unique.

In most cases, websites provide discounts and unique features. Those in the diet & weight loss niche like you may have a free BMI calculator to entice customers. Always find something that resonates with your target audience. Other lucrative offers include 24-hours service, free eBooks, or even discounted prices.

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Optimise Your Websites and Track Results

Make your online portal SEO friendly. Your websites should allow Google to index and crawl your content as fast as possible. In most cases, this is something you should consider before creating your site. And if you didn’t, then you may hire one of our SEO expert to clean the website and restructure it to SEO-friendly one.

If you had already written content, you could optimise them for your chosen keywords. When optimising your website yourself, ensure the pages, title tags, meta-tags, meta descriptions, and web pages reflect your keyword. But when you procure the services of weight loss content creators, it is necessary to go for those who also have a proper grasp of SEO for weight loss – and we do!

Other areas to look at when improving your website is increasing speed and accessibility.

If you own a brick-and-mortar store, always localize your content to reach your potential customers.


The SEO for weight loss & diet niche is very competitive as it is an overlapping side of health and wellness. If you are a small website, you may not have the financial muscle to battle the giants in your niche. They have a war chest to compete. But the EAT benchmarks by Google levels the ground. You have an opportunity to give value in the diet and weight loss niche.

Since most people are taking matters in their own hands, there is a huge traffic source in this market. You need to get your strategies right to tap on the traffic. For effective results, find the right topic in the niche, identify the common concerns in the area, and generate keywords based on those concerns. Afterwards, you can create content based on these keywords. Alternatively, you can get one of our professional to do all that for you.

Our motivation is to improve the results of yesterday every day. Everything is in flux and standstill is regression. Every positive result gives us the energy to show that we can do even better.

Artificial Intelligence is the fuel of the online industry. Our engineers invest in research and development and set trends and standards. Our algorithms and semantic calculations give you the edge. The future is new every day, we shape the future.

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