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What Is Ecommerce SEO And How Can It Help You To Sell Online

Would you like to increase your ecommerce sales? Is your online store optimized for search engines? Although there are no magic recipes to get what we are looking for instantly, a good ecommerce SEO strategy for your online website is crucial nowadays. Moreover, it is sure to bring you long-term results. Our ecommerce SEO specialists can help you audit your site and rev up your SEO marketing. So make sure to contact the WSS team or purchase one of our SEO packages. However, here are some basic ecommerce tips you can start implementing right away!

So, What Is SEO And How Does It Impact Your Ecommerce Website?

You’ve probably heard of it, but perhaps you’re not quite sure what it means. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The SEO is in charge of optimizing a website through different actions and strategies. This way, it has more chances of appearing in the first positions of the results of the search engines, mainly in Google. Needless to say, most online users only look at the search results of the first page. So, if your e-commerce only appears in page 2, it is virtually invisible to your target audience. Therefore, investing in SEO marketing for your e-commerce is crucial to attract more clients.

How To Do A Good Job Of SEO For Ecommerce Websites?

To understand the importance of ecommerce SEO, here is some facts from the e-Commerce Evolution and Perspectives Report, carried out by the e-Commerce Observatory. According to this study, 59% of businesses based on online stores claim that the main source of visits to their ecommerce website is SEO. Only 19% comes from direct traffic.

Therefore, doing a good job of optimizing the contents of your online store can help you not only to make it more attractive in the eyes of Google. But it will also give you extra visibility to sell more and better. So, it’s in your interest to put into practice all the SEO tips below!

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Use Long Tail Keywords On Your Products

Before launching, to position your e-commerce well in the vast online world, make sure you have defined your content plan. You should have your general web positioning strategy ready, from the home page to the product sheets. If you choose to position all your ecommerce with general keywords, your traffic might not convert as well into sales. Therefore, you should outline your SEO strategy with long tail keywords. These are a longer, more precise combination of words.

Why Do Long Tail Keywords Convert More?

We will illustrate this with a simple example. If you have an online perfume business, a general keyword could be “perfumes”. So if a user is looking for perfumes, they may not have the need to make a purchase and are only looking for information about perfumes. On the other hand, if a user searches for the keyword long tail “buy perfumes online” or “women’s perfumes online”, his/her search is more focused on buying the product.

How Do I Distribute The Keywords In My E-Commerce?

– Home: it is preferable to position by your brand and by a general keyword that describes your business. Example: Brand X hotels.

– Categories: you have to position yourself rather by medium keywords or middle head tail. These keywords also have a high number of searches, although not as many as general keywords. Example: Cheap hotels, hotels Alicante.

– Product sheets: This is where we put the keywords that are going to help us get more sales in our business, the long tail keywords. Example: Cheap hotels in Alicante.

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Enhance Your Product Descriptions

It is essential that you do not simply copy the product information provided by your supplier to write your product sheets content. This is important, because your content will not be unique from other stores that have the same product as yours. Avoid generating duplicate content at all cost. Googles values much more unique content and it will carry for SEO value.

Here are some tips to help you write the contents of your product files:

– In the H1, label the product. You should include the name of the product and the model, since most online users also search for the model.

– Try to define each product with quality content and talk about its technical characteristics: such as weight, height, colour, etc.

– It is important that you use H2 tags, since you can enter the keywords that best convert, such as: buy perfumes online or buy Calvin Klein perfume for men.

– Create compelling marketing content to rev up your conversion to sales.

– Include the alt tag in the images of each of your products, in which you will have to put the most relevant information of the product.

Avoid Indexing Unnecessary Pages

We are not going to have a better web positioning by indexing all the pages, quite the contrary. It is important that you do not index some pages. Thus, you will avoid duplicating the content in your online store. This would make you lower positions in the different search engines, making all our work go to waste. So, which pages do I not index?

– Pages with similar products. If we have several products that are quite identical but only differ in some small details such as colour, it is preferable that we only index and work well the SEO of one of them.

– Shipment and return page. Creating a single page of delivery and return policy will free you from many headaches. An ecommerce usually has the same policy for all products in store.

– Internal search engine result pages. When we perform a search in our ecommerce search engine, it creates pages where the results of the products in our search are grouped together. This makes these pages completely unnecessary and can spoil our ecommerce SEO. You only have to mark these results with a “no index or no follow” tag so that they are not indexed.

– Pagination. This practice usually creates similar pages that should not be indexed. Doing so would create duplicated content.

Curate Your Meta-Descriptions For Better Ecommerce SEO

In Google search results, meta-titles and descriptions are your main showcase. Therefore, it is important to make a good impression on online users who are browsing for your type of product. A strong meta-description will increase drastically the CTR, or Click Through Rate. In other words: they click on our online store, thus they might convert into sales.

If you do a good job in the basics ecommerce SEO, you can get to increase the sales of your online business. But just as doing a good web positioning is very important to be attractive in the eyes of Google, so is seducing your users. They will be the ones who have the last decision, to buy or not to buy. That’s why it’s important to do a good SEO but without neglecting your clients.

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