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SEO Strategies for Your iGaming Website

Whether you create online casino games or run a betting site, the rank of your website on search engines, and so your iGaming SEO strategy, matter. But you’ll have to beat the intense competition within the iGaming market to achieve that. You are competing for brand recognition against giant online gambling brands that boast of large budgets. Even so, with the correct iGaming search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, you have a fighting chance in the populated space of iGaming business.

Well, iGaming SEO principles are not any different from those we use in other industries. Nonetheless, it has some unique challenges that, if you address, you can get your iGaming business on the first pages of search results.

Here are some top strategies to get your iGaming website on the first page of a search engine:

Curate you iGaming content

Search engines have advanced over the years. They now integrate revolutionary new intelligent algorithms to enhance user experience. And in the same breath, has content curation. You can no longer outsmart Google’s algorithms using tricks like using duplicate content or throwing around keywords. Integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies has advanced SEO. Now, only concept-based content with strategic links and optimized tags get ranked. The engines focus on unique user experience, so you have to give them a reason to rate you ahead of your rivals.

Strategy: Whether it is on-site game descriptions or a simple blog post, make it unique. This could mean redoing some parts of your blog or website.

Get the best of your landing pages; they are your moneymakers

ML and AI technologies now enable search engines to query and identify the relevancy of written or visual content before delivering results. Our web browsers can now perform searches using voice commands. They also understand videos and images, which sets the bar even higher for content creation. So, your iGaming SEO content should align well with visual content and voice search.

For example, Google’s artificial algorithm, RankBrain, assists users to find accurate results. It is no longer about how many times the keyword appears on your page, but how relevant it is. So, content should associate with the domain, concept, and category of the question.

Also, make sure search engines can easily find and read your site’s landing pages correctly.

If the engines can’t crawl the page, they won’t understand and rank your page accordingly. Besides, Google considers your landing pages as your pillar content and rank them higher than SERPs. However, we are not saying you should ignore your other pages. All your pages should deliver value to the reader, but double up on your efforts for your key landing pages.

Strategy: Use cluster analysis and other AI-powered SEO techniques to audit your pages to deliver value to the reader. Double the effort for your key landing pages, as they are your leading moneymakers. Keep them updated and readjusting accordingly to serve their intended goals.

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Update your sitemaps

Most gaming websites use flashy and unique structures that quickly grab the attention of visitors. That’s okay. However, all that will be meaningless if search engines do not understand the pages’ structures. Yes, your pages won’t get any ranking if they can’t be indexed appropriately, and thus, they won’t show up in search results. So make sure your site is indexed.

Strategy: Ensure the web crawlers are aware of your website’s existence by using a sitemap. So, create and submit accurate and up to date sitemaps.

Create a clear relationship between language and market location

Most online gaming content is for global consumption, so it is not surprising that you may target more than one region using various languages. That means you would be exploiting organic search. Often we use hreflang tags on a site to help search engines create a relationship between different versions of the pages that target different languages. The success of your Global SEO strategy is dependent on search engines, understanding the connection between your site’s multiple languages and the location versions.

Strategy: Help search engines understand your market target location.

Earn backlinks to boost your iGaming SEO

Backlinks are as old as the concept of search engine optimization and remain a key ranking factor. Nevertheless, search engines have become wiser and sophisticated. They can now tell unnaturally acquired links, and discount the intended benefits of those links. That’s how robust SEO backlinking has become.

Another challenge in iGaming SEO, but which may be limited to gambling websites, is the lack of affiliate websites for influencers willing to work in driving traffic. For ethical reasons, most influencers won’t link their content to casinos. However, you need these backlinks. So, what next?

Well, only a powerful backlinking strategy can survive Google’s RankBrain. If you want the benefits of backlinks, then acquire those links the right way. The answer is creating incredibly creative content that readers won’t think twice about sharing. That’s how you gain referral traffic through a natural stream of relevant backlinks.

Too many low-quality links can invoke Google’s webspam search that can end up reducing your website’s organic traffic. Instead, use a few high-quality websites links related to your content.

Strategy: Strive to earn backlinks from top websites. Also, the links on your website should be related to your content.

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SEO for iGaming - Summary

To conclude, both AI and Machine Learning have helped search engines advance how they rank content. You can no longer go around the bush to attain search engine results. But the same technologies are your Swiss army knife in the crowded digital marketing space. They give you the leverage you need to compete for recognition against the big brands. However, you’ll have to get your SEO strategies right, right from creating content to how the content appears on your site.


What sectors make the iGaming industry?

iGaming involves the provision of online gaming services. Thus, any sector dealing in online games and sports betting all fall under it. Examples include gaming software developers, online casinos, P2P gaming platforms, and bookmakers.

What happens if I flaunt Google’s guidelines on SEO?

Breaking the rules could make Google not rank your website, meaning you’ll have very little organic traffic.

What types of backlinks are acceptable?

Links to or from your website should correlate with your content and meta tags to appear natural. Also, links from top-rated websites to your content are several folds better than hundreds of links from poorly ranking sites.

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