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Case Study:

The Challenge

The main challenge about the campaign was due to the fact of being in an extreme competitive niche namely iGaming and Casino. As a matter of fact, there are many implied restrictions on the said niche as per Google and majority of search engines.
With the above being said, the initial journey was not at all easy and it did contain many challenges as mentioned underneath:

  • High competition on the keywords
  • Extremity in terms of gap opportunities
  • Low scope when comes to niche based link acquisition
  • Extremity with technical SEOwent up by 5 times.

Our Approach to the challenge

The main approach to the challenge was achieved by diving each of the challenges with a unique value added proposition from Websiteseoservices. The said things are mentioned as under:

  • High competition on the keywords: this challenged was overruled with the fact of steering the entire SEO strategy into competitive practices. That being said, strategies like gap opportunities, competitive link profiling, high DA link acquisition, and much more. These all strategies have helped to deal with the circumstance in a fruitful way.
  • Niche based link acquisition: backlinks have always been a major ranking factor in search engines. With that being said, it’s very much essential to acquire right amount of links from varied trusted sources with do-follow as the type. Our win-to-win strategy have really worked as we have worked with many cutting edge link building strategies and work areas where we have effectively acquired strong foundation of the backlinks.
  • Technical SEO: technical SEO is very important for setting up the right foundation for any campaign. We have made significant improvements on the areas as under:

– Ensuring proper indexing of the website
– Ensuring better crawling
– Making sure of best on-page structure
– Proper AI enabled SEO’s
– Low hanging fruit fixes

Results Obtained

Our end outcome was quite promising. We have improved the search visibility from 2.89% to 43.86 % in 6 months. Moreover, the traffic value went up by 5 times.