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Case Study:

The Challenge

The main challenge with the campaign was that it was in a competitive niche. With that being said, the market place for this is crowded. Thus, we had to take several steps to make the campaign shine bright in SERP.

Our Approach to the challenge

The main approach to the challenge was achieved by diving each of the challenges with a unique value added proposition from Websiteseoservices. The said things are mentioned as under:

  • We have leveraged a strong presence with press releases with branded keywords. In a nutshell, we leveraged a lot on the branded keywords. Thus, it helped us overcome the competitiveness of the campaign.
  • Furthermore, we also did many high domain authority links which helped us improve the SERP visibility.

Results Obtained

With our effective strategies, we were able to make a proper impact in the campaign as mentioned underneath:

  • We ranked over 143+ keywords on page 1
  • We improved the visibility from 2.89% to 43.96%
  • We have also improved customer sales funnel by 45%

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