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Case Study:

The Challenge

This is a big e-commerce campaign and due to which the main challenge was in optimizing the campaign from page to page. As it contained near to a million pages in SERP.

Our Approach to the challenge

The main approach to the challenge was achieved by diving each of the challenges with a unique value added proposition from Websiteseoservices. The said things are mentioned as under:

  •  The main agenda to move the campaign in a stronger direction is to have advanced technical SEO implied for the campaign.
  • With the above being said, we did several advanced technical optimizations on the project. Moreover, a strong focus was laid out in optimizing crawl budget and indexing for the website.

Results Obtained

With our effective strategies, we were able to make a proper impact in the campaign as mentioned underneath:

  • We ranked over 1457 keywords on page 1
  • We improved the visibility from 1.89% to 63.76%
  • Attained a sales funnel of 2 million dollar in 18 months

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