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Real Estate SEO Tips: How To Do SEO For Real Estate Websites

Let’s face it; if the search engine does not index your real estate website correctly, or you have a low rating, you simply do not exist. This is why it is so necessary to incorporate certain real estate SEO web positioning techniques into our daily work. Thus, helping you to gradually position yourselves among Google’s first search results. Although these real estate SEO tips can be very technical, and some will require one of WSS real estate SEO experts, there are also certain routines that you can incorporate into your website and that will help improve your SEO.

Today, we’re going to start from the basics of this particular niche, including commercial real estate and luxury real estate. But make sure to contact us for further real estate SEO services that will place you right on top of any search query!

What Is Real Estate SEO?

We could define it as the set of techniques aimed at making search engines find a website. This site receives a score from the search engines. The better the SEO, the better the positioning of your website in the search results.

If you are thinking that anything goes to get those positions, let us warn you that you could hardly be further from the truth. In fact, there are certain dubious techniques called “Black Hat SEO”. It’s a technique for bypassing the strict rules of the search engines. These only work on the short term and are severely penalized by Google.

How Do You Get A Real Estate Website Positioned?

We could write a book about real estate SEO and its importance – not one book, but hundreds! Let’s start with a very clear fact: 73% of users do not go beyond the first page of results. Which leads us to another very simple fact: you only have 10 positions on this first page. Hence, if you are not in the top 10, you simply do not exist.

When the content of your real estate website has great value and reputation, the word spreads and people share it. Every time your website is named, a trail is created; that’s a SEO backlink.

Getting many backlinks is one of the primary objectives for any SEO real estate strategy. But not just any link; quality and quantity are key.

How To Get Quality Links To Position Your Website?

Our first recommendation is to create quality content; it’s the best way to get word of your website spread.

If you are not convinced, here is a fact: blogs that have more than 300 pages indexed (scanned by Google and rated as relevant), receive traffic increases of more than 326%.

And besides, every time Google reviews its algorithm (the parameters that decide which position the results take) it gives more and more importance to quality content, so launching a real estate blog where to generate content on a regular basis, which solves users’ doubts, is the best way to draw their attention.

Other things to take into account when creating SEO real estate backlinks are:

  • That they come from high quality real estate websites. As in the offline world, the recommendation of a prestigious professional is infinitely better than that of a nobody. The quality of SEO backlinks is measured by a parameter known as Domain Authority.
  • In addition, the sites that link to yours must be of similar subject matter. If they come from websites about cooking and dog shampoos, Google considers them unreliable and assumes that there is a catch.
  • At the same time, these inbound links must come from different IPs and from different domains. For the same reason as for the themes, if Google suspects foul play, it can penalize your real estate website, and all your work will be for nothing.
  • Yes, Google values this quality very much, because like men, it knows that things take a long time to build and if you get thousands of SEO links overnight, it will seem suspicious.

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How To Make Real Estate SEO?

It’s like the mystery of the Holy Trinity. Nobody knows for sure what are the parameters Google uses to grant its graces. However, we know some details that favour the real estate web positioning.

Select the right Real Estate SEO Keywords

Google, like the other search engines, works with words. That is to say, if you search for “apartments for rent” it will show you websites that have these words among their contents. To guarantee that the people you target find your real estate website, you must select the keywords for real estate that define your business and the public you are addressing.

Some tricks to select keywords:

Make sure they are long tail

If you only choose “apartments in London”, you will find many other websites to compete with. Look for combination of words, or long tail keywords, that limit the search so that you have less competition such as “apartments for rent in Blackfriars”.

Use tools such as Google Adwords

If you only choose “apartments in London”, you will find many other websites to compete with. Look for combination of words, or long tail keywords, that limit the search so that you have less competition such as “apartments for rent in Blackfriars”.

Use tools such as Google Adwords

Google has a tool for planning keywords that can help you know which ones are best for your business. You can start with this guide to select keywords.

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Following the same principle as with long tail keywords, specify the services you offer so that you have less competition.

Links and anchor text

Google rewards those who strive to give more to their readers. That’s why it likes external links in your web texts. But not just links. You should take these points into account when linking to other content:

  • Above all, make sure that the wording and links are natural.
  • Always try to make sure that the links are to content related to your subject and that they expand on the information you are offering.
  • The anchor text is the visible part of a link, usually underlined and in blue. It should contain the keywords you have previously selected. Better if they are in bold; that tells Google that it is important.

Backlinks or inbound links

It is certainly one of the things that the search engine likes best. It’s the way the Internet says that the contents of your real estate website are interesting. That’s why you should include the collaboration with other real estate websites and blogs in your real estate SEO marketing strategies.

Create Unique and Quality Content

It’s one of the safe bets. Even though we don’t know many of the factors that influence Web positioning for real estate, we are sure that Google loves content.

We recommend that before launching yourself, you plan very well which is your ideal client, what are their consumption habits and the interests that move them. Remember that we are living in an era of creation and diffusion of online content as never seen before and what does not interest you, is lost.

Optimize your real estate website

There are still a few more things you can do to make your real estate website search engine friendly:

  • Make sure each URL includes the keywords you are using.
  • Use HTML, CSS and JavaScript. HTML is a mark-up language, where the content and structure go. CSS, are style sheets, which gives colour and shape to the structure of the web and JavaScript is a programming language for web that allows you to do events of all kinds, know if you have pressed a button that does something when you click, etc.
  • Real estate website with responsive design. With the vast majority of users connecting from their mobile phones, Google has begun to penalize those websites that are not smartphone-friendly.

Our motivation is to improve the results of yesterday every day. Everything is in flux and standstill is regression. Every positive result gives us the energy to show that we can do even better.

Artificial Intelligence is the fuel of the online industry. Our engineers invest in research and development and set trends and standards. Our algorithms and semantic calculations give you the edge. The future is new every day, we shape the future.

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