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Appearing in the top positions of Google should be the goal of any company with online presence. This is why web positioning has become more complex and competitive in almost all sectors. And SEO for travel websites is one of the most complex.

That is why, at WSS, we set out to write this travel seo guide and explain how to rank your travel website.

Keywords For SEO For Travel Websites

As in any SEO strategy, the first thing we must analyse is the keywords by which we want to position ourselves. This task will take you time. Indeed, you will have to do a great deal of research to obtain information that will allow you to capture valuable opportunities for your business.

While each keyword research will depend on the industry and the history of your website, there are certain “standard” paths you should follow in order to discover these words.

The first thing you should do is an analysis of your direct competition. This will allow you to know what and how they are working on their own travel SEO strategy. For this stage, you have several SEO tools, but also our WSS SEO for travel experts.

For example, you can work with SEMrush to find out exactly which words your competition is using. As well as the volumes and positions they have for each of them. This is key information to chart your way to success.

Keywords Strategy

You should also take into consideration certain aspects when defining whether to use one or another SEO travel keyword in your site:

  • Volume: While a high volume of search may make it seem like the best option, it’s not always the case. Think that the words with the highest number of searches are also the most competitive, and if your site is new, you will hardly position yourself for them in the first positions.
  • Type: Not all words are the same and therefore not all are of the same value to you. Select and differentiate them depending on whether they are informative or transactional and define how to use them on your website.
  • Language: In the world of travel, language is very important. Define which languages you want to use and select words for each one. We recommend that you always try to have an English version.
  • Location: Hotels and tourist apartment agencies usually position themselves with keywords associated with a town or city. This way you make it easier for the user to find you.

In short, the words you select should be aligned with your brand and the travel services you are offering. Try to put yourself in the shoes of the users while they look for a travel deal.

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Local SEO For Travel Agencies

In line with the above, you should understand where the users, who would potentially hire your services as a travel agency, are. Your client is the one who is looking to travel, from his/her place of residence. Therefore, you should think about local SEO strategies, i.e. words associated with the location of your travel agency.

This way, you should already leave aside or on a second level of importance, words that do not include the city where you are offering your travel services. This will make your competition smaller and the leads you capture of higher quality.

There is no point in obtaining visits from users who are in Manchester, when your agency’s offices are in London and vice versa. That’s why your positioning strategy should include the creation of an account in Google My Business. This will give you greater visibility.

In addition, you should have a profile of backlinks from sites that show that you are actually working in this city. This is why you should make an effort to have links from local media, other businesses in the city, etc.

SEO For Travel Website – The Importance Of Optimization For Mobile Devices

Few years ago, companies could have get away without having a website that supports mobile devices. But not anymore. Now the ease of use of mobile devices is a very important factor in the ranking of your site. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, it will definitely harm your results. That’s especially true for SEO for travel websites.

Keep in mind that a large number of people now use mobile for their travel needs. Therefore, a mobile-friendly design ensures an excellent user experience on phones and tablets and improves engagement.

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SEO For Travel – Think Languages

As we mentioned above, languages are the key in the SEO for travel industry, as your audience will probably speak more than one. In this sense, you should work on specific content for each language and have a defined strategy for each one.

A simple translation can mean lost opportunities, since the same word will not have the same volumes in all languages. Although it is likely that in the UK, the search volumes in Spanish will be lower than in English. However, Spanish remains highly in demand and some SEO travel keywords will have better results than others.

Also, on a technical level you should take care with your language tags, so that both Google and your users find the version that will correspond to each of the languages you are writing in.

To do this, you must carefully use the Hreflang tags. This allows the bots to understand which version they are reviewing and to whom that page should be shown. Thus, you will show the English version only to those who are browsing and searching in this language.

There are many more tips on best practices in SEO for travel agents. As you see, the results are within everyone’s reach. However, the time and effort required make having a dedicated SEO travel team all the more important. So you can dedicate yourself to your business, while WSS takes care of improving your positioning.

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