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What is EAT algorithm? And how one can use it?

EAT stands for Expertise, authority and trust. It is a part of board core algorithm change in Google. EAT algorithm help websites to make best utilize of the branding and authority power along with the trust factor to harness the power of SEO. This is a very important algorithm as it is directly linked with rank brain and it helps to boost the performance of SEO campaign like anything. In 2019, EAT was considered as one of the most important ranking factor by Google.

Furthermore, EAT is also crucial as it helps search engine understand how trustworthy a site is. More trustworthy a site; more is the user experience & customer journey. Also, with the strong leverage of branding and brand signals, this algorithm rejoices sharply in SERP’s as brand signals are amongst the most premium signals which one can have for their website.

Now one might be thinking as how one can utilize this algorithm for one’s own website?

Well, the process is simple yet a bit technical. The exact steps are mentioned as under:

  • First of all, rank brain structured data is to be implemented across the website. This is nothing but extensive structured mark-up which helps with detail intent specification as what is contained within a website. This includes extensive usage of various property id’s and classes within JSON LD
  • Brand signals can also be improved with the help of press releases and media interactions. An efficient media interaction and press activity can help a campaign to gather lot and lot of branded signals. Also, brand anchor text usage on those sites will improve brand mention factor as well. All these together will help in improving the brand signals.
  • For improving the trust factor, a website should have good Trust flow and citation flow. In other words, a website should have a better golden ratio factor. This factor can be improved with the help quality link acquisition from high DA sites which will allow smooth flow of link juice.
  • In order to have a good authority signal, one need to make sure the site’s author has reputation within the marketplace. Moreover, a proper author presence across the web will help in redefining the author signals and thus author signal can be improved.

In a nutshell, if all of the above operations are performed then one can enjoy good EAT signals for a campaign. A proper EAT signal will not only ensure solid keyword rankings but will also help in acquiring more and more serp visibility.

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